The Great Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is full of history, from its breathtaking cliffs to its signature coloring. Its walls contain the Earth’s crust at various ages, including rock that dates back almost 2 billion years. You can explore all of this and more when you live in one of the luxury custom homes gold canyon az area. Tourists will wish they could see the sights you took in each day, and you can see the history of the earth whenever you walk outside.

The awe-inspiring canyon formed about 5 or 6 million years ago when the Colorado River cut a channel through the rock that continued to erode. The erosion led to deeper and wider gaps in the rock, eventually forming what we now know as the Grand Canyon.

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It’s over 270 miles long, 18 miles wide, and 1 mile deep – the largest canyon in the entire world. Native peoples, the Havasupai, have inhabited the land it’s on for over 800 years. This beautiful land is their ancestral home, and in 1975 they regained a large amount of it from the government.

Tourism supports the Havasupai, with the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon bringing in about 5 million visitors every year. To increase tourism a glass walkway was added over one of the western sections of the canyon. The skywalk is owned by the Hualapai tribe, and in 2017 the Navajo decided to vote against further attractions.

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful sight, and with a home right next to it the natural wonder could become a destination frequented by you. The land is full of beauty and sacred history, making it one of the best places to show to visiting friends and family. Visit Arizona for yourself and take in the view for yourself and consider how it would feel to see it each and every day.